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Our mission is to be a pharmacy family, unique in our community, a trusted member of our patients’ healthcare team. 

As an independent pharmacy, we respect the many choices you have when it comes to your healthcare. We go above and beyond to offer you fast, friendly service, specialty products and the personalized care you want from your local pharmacy.

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We accept most public and private insurance plans. We also offer competitive pricing, which our cash-paying patients appreciate

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Transferring your prescriptions is easy! We do all the work for you.

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Here you’ll find quick & easy access to your prescription history & statistics, plus multiple tools to help you manage your medication regimen!

Here is a list of FAQs about the Rite-Aid closure & Eagle Pharmacy option in Farwell.

What is happening to Rite-Aid?

Rite-Aid is currently going through bankruptcy proceedings and as a result, they are closing ALL of their Michigan locations. It is my understanding this will be completed by the end of August in a roll out fashion. Walgreens has purchased the majority of the prescription files which means your Rite-Aid prescriptions will be transferred to a Walgreens Pharmacy upon closing.

What if I do not want to get my prescriptions at Walgreens?

Rite-Aid patients may transfer their prescriptions to a different pharmacy.

How can I transfer my prescriptions to Eagle Pharmacy?

If you wish to have your prescriptions transferred to Eagle Pharmacy, simply call our store at 989-588-2900 and request to have your prescription file transferred. We will call your Rite-Aid store and request the transfer and place your prescription file in our system to be available for when they are due to be filled. (All prescriptions are simply placed on hold unless you are requesting to have it filled) It is HIGHLY recommended to transfer your prescription file to Eagle Pharmacy BEFORE it is transferred to Walgreens. If you wait until AFTER your file is transferred to Walgreens, we can still call the Walgreens store to transfer your file to Eagle, but there may be a delay in getting the file.

Why should I transfer my file BEFORE the Rite-Aid store closes?

Based on our experience from current Rite-Aid closures, there has been difficulty in obtaining the prescription files in a timely manner from the transferring pharmacy AFTER the closure. We have increased OUR staffing to accommodate the increased volume and we are diligent in requesting patient files, but we are unable to fill a prescription until the transferring pharmacy transfers your prescription to us.

Does Eagle Pharmacy take my insurance?

Eagle Pharmacy takes most insurance plans, including all Michigan Medicaid plans and Medicare Prescription Plans and Advantage Plans.

Why should I choose Eagle Pharmacy?

Eagle Pharmacy is a locally owned, independent pharmacy centered on your health and wellbeing. You will find our staff to be friendly, helpful and looking out for your best interest. Eagle Pharmacy offers a drive thru window service, a pharmacy phone app, text notification and a med sync program. We also offer compounded prescriptions mailed directly to your door. Also, our new health insurance agency can make sure you are on the best health plan to suit your needs.

Friendly Reminders & Changes | 2024

Medicare Information

Your insurance deductibles, copays and drug formulary may change. These are set by your insurance company. If you have any questions about your copays when checking out, please say something BEFORE we cash you out so we can check on any issues with your insurance. We will help you work with the doctor to find a covered medication whenever possible.

Covid 19 Protocols

For the health and safety of our staff and patients, we ask that if you are covid positive, symptomatic or feel that you may have been exposed, that you do not enter the store. Please send a well person to use the drive thru or call the store to arrange a no-contact pick up.

Our Services

Drive Thru

Open for all hours that the store is open.


Need your medication mailed to you? If your insurance approves or if you are a cash patient, we can mail your prescriptions to you. We'll add the postage fee to your copay. Stop in to see if this service is an option for you!

RxLocal App

Refill your prescription via an app on your phone! Simply scan the barcode on your prescription bottle and let us know when you will pick it up! It's as easy as it sounds, we promise!

Text/Email Notifications

Sign up to receive notification via text message or e-mail. Always know when you prescriptions are ready and available to pick up

Medicare Plan Consultation

Confused about which Medicare plan will best suit you? Schedule an appointment with our Medicare consultant to answer all of your questions.

Medication Review

Ask us about our complete medication reviews. A one-on-one with your pharmacist to go over all of your medications and answer any questions.

Medication Synchronization

Do you want to be able to stop in a get all of your medications at once? Allow us to sync them all together for your convenience. Be sure to ask us about it next time you are in!

Automatic Refill

Tired of having to call each time you need a refill? Sign up for automatic refill so we can already have it ready for you when you need it!

Free Vitamin Program

Do you have children between the ages of 2-12? If so, sign up for our Children's Vitamin Program and receive free vitamins for each eligible child!


We have flu shots available for all ages. Walk ins welcome!

Medication Therapy Management

Personalized recommendations from a local pharmacist that will advocate for you on the best therapies that fit your specific health needs.

Flu & Strep Testing

One stop for Strep and Influenza testing. If you test positive we can dispense a prescription in store that fits your therapeutic needs.

Meet the Owner!

"Our mission is to provide our community with fast, friendly and high quality health care services. We have created a pharmacy that we believe in and choose for our own family members."

-John Gross

John Gross

John Gross is our owner/pharmacist. He and wife, Lisa, graduated from Clare High School. John is a 1992 Ferris State University, College of Pharmacy graduate. He has been providing fast, friendly pharmacy services through local independent pharmacies since opening Gateway Pharmacy of Clare in 2004. John now owns the only local, independent pharmacies in Clare County starting Eagle Pharmacy of Farwell (2011) and Harrison Family Pharmacy (2015). He also owns two pharmacies in Genesee county, Flint Family Pharmacy and Swartz Creek Pharmacy. John is an active community member, serving as treasurer on the local school board and clerk in his local church and through his support of multiple organizations within Clare county. John is championing independent pharmacy through his advocacy efforts in Lansing and Washington, DC and through serving on multiple pharmacy boards and committees at the state and national level.

Wellness Information

We want to support our patients in their healthy lifestyle choices.

We have prescription and Over the counter medication help for quitting smoking.​

Did you know that antibiotics kill the bad bacteria and the good bacteria in your gut?

Did you know that antibiotics kill the bad bacteria and the good bacteria in your gut? Pharmacists and doctors recommend taking a probiotic as a companion with antibiotic therapy.

Want to lower your High Blood Pressure?

We have multiple options for blood pressure monitors to help support your healthy lifestyle. If your medication isn't working, we can facilitate a conversation with your doctor. In addition to the table to the left, getting regular sleep at night makes a big difference. There are over the counter, natural sleep aids our pharmacist can recommend.


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Good Neighbor Pharmacy is a network of independently owned and operated pharmacies in the U.S. We are committed to providing personalized care that goes well beyond simply filling prescriptions. We are locally owned, locally operated, and locally loved.

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